A little about Lucy...our Lucent Studios OG.



To celebrate International Astronomy Day on Saturday October 9th, we thought we'd dig a little bit deeper into where our Cosmos collection began and why we have such an affinity for all things astronomical. 



Our fav studio founder, Lucy, actually started out studying astrophysics at University before she picked up the pliers and embarked on her jewellery making escapades. With a curiosity for the universe and a passion for fashion, she started making jewels at her kitchen table, with pieces based on interstellar elements, from black holes to constellations. 



Lucy wanted to create a unique collection based on the sights and textures of the universe. So she used materials like titanium quartz with it's metallic tones to represent rocky asteroid surfaces in our old Andromeda earrings and designed cute cut out constellations like our classic Monoceros necklaces. Eventually her designs became bigger and bolder with semi precious stone cabochons representing the planets in our solar system in the super popular Perfect Alignment Necklace.  



Nowadays you can find Lucy holed up in her cubby in the studio, sketching out and designing new space themed pieces like our most recent pieces Rings Around you and Reverie, using modern chunky chains and textured metals for a more modern take on an age old subject. 



We asked Lucy a few questions about her love for all things lunar.

Q: What were your favourite parts of the astrophysics degree you completed?

L: I technically did Maths and Astrophysics but the astronomy lectures were always my favourite. Researching for my own papers was the best - my favourite paper was on the rings of Saturn. I'm a bit in love with Saturn - the ring system is fascinating  Some of those particles are the size of houses!

Q: What entity in space most interests you? 

L: My favourite entity in the universe has to be the comet Hale Bopp. I remember when it flew past Earth in 1997 - it was visible to the naked eye for several months and it was so bright you could even see its two tails. It was perfectly framed in my bedroom window and I used to watch it every night. It won't be back for several thousand years so we're in for a wait.

Q: Where is your favourite star gazing spot?

My favourite place to stargaze is on the North Norfolk coast. We camped there recently just so we could watch the stars - it's so dark and clear with no light pollution and we had the most incredible view of the Milky Way.


Thanks to Lucy for giving us some insight into the collection. If you'd like to know more then pop over to see what our Cosmos Collection has to offer, and let us know what other astronomical ideas you would like to see made into jewellery. 

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