Behind the Scenes: Get to know Gaia from design to despatch!

Behind the scenes of...
It'd been a long time in the making, but we've finally released our new crystal collection, Gaia! She's named after the Goddess of Earth, who happens to be the Mother of all life (and therefore a pretty big deal).
We wanted to use Gaia to link in with nature through the colour of gemstones, the raw textures of crystals and using folk designs like sun iconography to evoke our interest in folk traditions. 
The Designs
Founder Lucy's favourite part is when she finds crystals or components which give her a buzz of inspiration. Once she's thought of an overarching theme for a new collection (usually involving science or nature), she starts to look for components, from tumble stones to textured metals, she pieces together ideas in her head, and asks Emma, our resident illustrator, to realise them on paper. 

Emma sketches out Lucy's ideas and this forms the basis of the collections designs. Next it's on to the makers...
Run the jewels
Our making team are super skilled to take something from an idea to a finished product. Usually our senior maker Amber, and Lucy will create samples which are as close to the designs as possible. Sometimes they don't work, or a particular stone might not be possible to use, so Lucy will make a few switch ups, and the samples will be worn for a few days to check they are durable, and comfortable. 
Happy Snappy

Once we've created a series of pieces, we organise a photoshoot so we can take some shots of each piece being worn, plus we'll add in some lifestyle shots for any social media campaigns and any fancy images that we'd like for the website. 


A photoshoot consists of an overarching theme, in this case we collectively researched midsummer festivals, folk imagery and sought images of models and nature with which we could bring the outside in. Emma created some hoops with flora from the local market bonded to them to create borders to shoot our model Tamika through. Our shoot photographer Hannah snapped away during the shoot to create a series of ethereal images with soft unfocused plants around crisp focused shots of the jewellery. It went exactly as planned this time (it doesn't always, so its a relief when it does!). 
The New Collection 
Gaia is filled with natural stones and sun iconography, plus we are definitely partial to a chunky chain. Here are a couple of our faves: 
1. Persephone Gemstone Necklaces - these cut claw set stones are simple, subtle but absolutely stunning. Layer them up with all you existing jewels, or wear as they are on the reg. 
2. Demeter Gemstone Rings - The little sister of Persephone, our rings have the similar claw set design, so you can be matchy matchy, or rep them solo. 
3. Raven Moonstone Necklace - Our moonstone crescent and fluorite necklace is a statement stunner, glistening in different lights. It's sure to twinkle with every movement. 
4. Afra Prehnite and Sunstone Chain - One of the studio faves, adorned with Prehnite and Sunstone, this necklace is equal amounts of calm and positivity. 
 Dispatch Divas
The final piece of the process is our amazing dispatch team, Eddie, Lian, Luke and Libby, who lovingly package your pieces in our 100% recyclable materials, including cute cards which are made with veg dyes to be as environmentally friendly as poss! We've recently revamped our summer packaging with pastel shades so they really pop when you open your package. 
If you are gifting, you can send your purchase straight to their door in the knowledge they'll receive something special, with handwritten notes and sweet little extras, you are in safe hands ordering from us! 
We hope that helps give you a little insight into our process. If you fancy a long read, you can find out a little more about our ethics and sustainability policies over on our 'about us' page. But we hope this gives you a little glimmer into how we take our designs to your door. 

The Lucent Team  X
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