Behind The Scenes: Rebranding and Despatch Upgrades!

Lucent Studios Sun Emblem
You may have noticed our trendy new look, so let’s take a behind the scenes peek at what’s changed!
We all know the excitement of ordering something new online, whether it’s a new gadget, some fresh clothes, or in our case charming jewellery. Counting down the days, eagerly anticipating the day you get home and find your order has finally arrived (eek!).
And isn't it great when those little details like neat gift wrapping and personal messages help live up to the excitement and make that moment feel even more special? We know that a dash of extra packing magic goes a long way when ordering online, not only in enhancing your enjoyment, but also reassuring you that you’re ordering from a professional and reputable business, so you have faith that you’re not in for a nasty surprise when your items arrive.
With that in mind, we’ve decided to have a bit of an overhaul in terms of how we package all you lovely people’s orders to make buying and gifting Lucent jewellery as joyful and satisfying as possible, whilst staying true to our commitment to environmental sustainability. We’re not just trying to show off all our new packaging and branding (honest), but we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes peek at the swanky new look you can expect when you order with us. So let’s get into it!
Lucent Studios Logo
Lucent Studios Logo
First off, our brand new logo! You’ve probably already noticed our website has had a slight makeover to reflect this, as well as incorporating our fab new colour scheme. Not that there was anything wrong with our old Lucent Studios logo, but it was high-time for an upgrade to a more modern look, using a golden sun to illustrate our love and commitment to nature and all things celestial, to give a stronger sense of identity and better stand the test of time. Upgrades people, upgrades!
Forget Me Not Beaded Pearl Necklace I Just Need Some Space, Man - Astronaut Necklace
Cards and Graphics
Secondly, our backing cards and graphics! Just like our logo we’ve redesigned many of the backing cards for our staple products to more vibrant, vibey alternatives, such as our Forget Me Not Beaded Pearl Necklace and our I Just Need Some Space, Man - Astronaut Necklace. Most notably, our Under This Moon Personalised Moon Phase Necklace has had a huuuge glow up, with a dreamy pink background to compliment a twinkly night sky. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that looks as good as this?
 Under This Moon Personalised Moon Phase Necklace
Best of all, all of our backing cards, flyers and greetings cards are printed using environmentally friendly materials such vegetable-based inks and biodegradable, sustainably sourced pulp paper. So you can rest assured that your inspiring affirmations and beautiful backing cards aren’t contributing to unsustainable business practices. Neat!
Lucent Studios Branded Packaging
Boxes and Packaging
Lastly, the change we’re most excited about, our brand new Lucent boxes and packaging! Firstly, these boxes should be a lot more sturdy and do more to protect your precious jewellery, whilst still being made from recycled materials without skimping on quality. In terms of aesthetics, we’ve put an extra message inside that says ‘Hello Sunshine!’ to brighten up your day, as well as a generous smattering of our new logo, just in case you forgot where your jewellery was from ;). We’re also bringing in new purple gift wrap, so your orders are not only colour coordinated but also wrapped up just like a pressie, all ready for gifting to another (or treating yourself). What’s not to like?
Hopefully this paints a clearer picture of why we’re so excited about the upgrades we’ve made and will ensure your orders arrive to you looking a treat, making buying and gifting from us feel exceptionally special. We’re sure you’ll agree!
If you’d like more info about our responsibility as a business to ethics and the environment, you can have a read through of our ethics and sustainability statement and our environmental policy.
And if you’d like an up close and personal look at our new packaging, why not make an order with us? ;)
See you soon!
The Lucent Team X
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