Cinder Sounds

(Tempest Necklace & Lunula Necklace)

Introducing Cinder Sounds, the playlist being cranked up as we designed, made and photographed our new collection. 

(Linen 'Athena' top by Phaedra Clothing & All Ore Nothing necklace)

Our collection was inspired by geological rock formations, celestial bodies and  traditional processes, so we picked stones to reflect these colours and textures using Amethyst, Labradorite and Quartz. 

We felt the pieces had ancestral, ritualistic vibes which we think we've conveyed in the tunes we've picked.  Lots of festivals, witchcraft and a little added Kate Bush. 

There's bound to be some bops you will enjoy, some surprises and maybe some new (or old) favourites. 

(Fionn Necklace & Blooms By Lovertron Designs)


 Thanks for listening! 


Team EE

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