Clay is the way forward...

We at Eclectic Eccentricity HQ are so excited to announce that we are stocking an amazing zero-waste, cruelty free indie soap brand called CLAY - and you can find them here!


We've been doing our best to eliminate all waste and move 100% of our packaging over to sustainable sources. In addition we've been curating products to showcase on the site that fit in with the eco ethos we share.

Clay create soaps that are naturally coloured with ultra-fine clay. In addition, they aim to rescue ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, and give them a new life. One such example is the highly exfoliating Coffee Scrub Bar which uses waste coffee grounds from local Norfolk based Coffee company Strangers.

The range of soaps are made with pure essential oils, and are plastic and palm oil-free, meaning that each product is suitable for vegans. Shop our range of 5 soaps right here.

We are pleased to offer 3 cleansing bars in different delectable aromas, Rose Clay, French Green Clay and Charcoal. Each bar has a high olive oil content leaving the skin nourished and soft.  Rose Clay balances sensitive skin, French Green Clay purifies normal to oily skin and Charcoal detoxifies acne prone skin, so these bars are perfect for body cleansing.

The Himalayan Pink Salt Soap is the perfect multi purpose bar with coconut oil, which gives it an intensely creamy lather. Himalayan Salt is known for it's antibacterial properties and can be used for everything, from hand and body wash to shaving, it can even be used to wash your dishes!

 Our final product is the highly exfoliating Coffee Scrub Bar which leaves you invigorated, refreshed and a little smug that you are supporting local businesses to reduce waste.

We're so excited to have Clay on board and hope to stock more of their collection in future!

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