EE Christmas Gift Guide - Beauts for your BFF

Christmas Gift Guide For Your BFF

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with Christmas parties galore it’s often hard to find time to get all your Christmas shopping done. But never fear, we’re here to make things a little easier. 

Today we are focusing on gifts for your BFF, your buddy, your best pal! Pieces that show them exactly how important they are, whether they’ve supported you through a break up, held your hand in hospital or simply have just lent an ear when you needed it. 

We’ve selected jewels that can be personalised with the names, nicknames or special in jokes for your beloved BFF. Our first Christmas gift suggestion is the beautiful BFF Necklace, a broken heart that is repaired when you get together. We will happily hand stamp any short message, names or special words that represent your friendship to make it the ultimate Christmas gift for her (or him). 

The next of our presents for pals, is MY MOON AND STARS, a simple disc with a cute crescent that can be personalised with something special. Simple, but effective, it’ll get the message across. 

MY LOVE is one of our most popular hand stamped rings, it’s gorgeous gold heart can be personalised with an initial of your best pal, making it the perfect gift for BFF’s who want something a classic but subtle. 

Finally, our AMULET necklaces and bracelets for FRIENDSHIP, and out CRYSTAL KIT FOR FRIENDSHIP will be a treat of a gift for her. The properties for these pieces encourage a friendship forever. Alternatively, you can PICK YOUR OWN AMULET, by selecting the properties for your specific friend, be that crystals for anxiety, crystals for healing, or crystals for energy. With each piece or kit you will receive a special card explaining all the properties each crystal encourages. 

We hope you have enjoyed our run through of our top picks for gift giving for you BFF, whether you are buying for a bestie, or someone significant, you’ll find something that we can make personal for your best people. 

Have a super holiday season on behalf of Team EE, and thanks for reading! X



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