Together, but apart.


We are living in very strange times, and to keep everyone at EE safe, Lucy has followed our government guidelines to partially shut our studio. It's currently Lucy on her own personalising your retail orders, then dispatching them out to you.  Everyone else is working from home with their different set ups, from our makers stamping and popping pieces together, to our social team snapping pictures and meeting up virtually via FaceTime. 

So, seeing as we are all doing different jobs in different spaces, we thought we'd take a few snaps and show you what EE life is like in lockdown. 

Lucy has a set up not dissimilar to MI6 when she's not in the studio, which we are grateful for as it helps her to keep up to date on safety guidelines and new government legislation. Note the leopard print, fluffy hot water bottle, very James Bond. 


Meanwhile, Michelle has been taking full advantage of the Norfolk sun by working al fresco in the garden. We're hoping the neighbours don't mind all the hammering as the Family Tree Bracelets she has been making can be pretty loud. Debbie doesn't seem to mind and has been doing a bit of yoga to the dulcet tones. 


Sam is one of our EE babes doing the balancing act of working from home with kids. She's doing a pretty wonderful job and we'll all be heading over to her garden to play on the climbing frame as soon as we safely can! Jealous much?


Emma is another EE mama who has taken the alternative approach of hiding from her son in the spare room while she catches up on stockist emails, does some illustration and eats the emergency chocolate stash. The question is, how long until he finds her? Answer... not long.


Amber, our senior maker, has been cracking away at her kitchen table doing more of the hardcore making, from filing down precious metals, to gluing and setting stones, she's a surefire hit at personalising peoples orders! 


Lovely Lily has been answering your emails, messages and DM's all day. She's the stylish one and definitely isn't wearing tracky bottoms on her bottom half. Or is she? 


We're all very jealous of Ceara's set up as we have realised that she's been channeling the vibes of Central Perk with a massive cup of coffee and some company with the gang. 10/10 work space effort!


Hannah is the resident photographer and has cordoned off the room in her house with the best light, like a pro. She also has a little helper in the form of her fluffy feline Tilly, who does what all good cats do and sits on absolutely everything. 


So that's how most of Team EE are spending their days in lockdown at the moment. As Hannah so beautifully put 'we may be apart, but we are just as much a team as we were before'. For more insights into how we are getting along, please visit our Instagram page and check out our stories. We are so very grateful for your support and hope you are all isolating safely! 

Sending all our love you our customers, and other independents who may be reading. Please do get in touch as we are in it together. 

Yours, Team EE xxx



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