Gift ideas for all those who mum!


Wanna buy a gift for the resilient, thoughtful superhuman who's always got your back?

We've popped together a sweet Mother's Day gift list for the numero uno in your life. Think letterbox gifts straight to their door, or for a personal touch adding a little hand stamped initial to your order.

Here's our top 5 Mother's Day gifts for all who mum! 


1. 'I'd Pick You' Mother's Day Daisy Letterbox Gift Set

Sweet petite and a sign of spring, our Daisy Bud necklace is sure to be a winner.  Our gift set goes straight to their door including a delightful gold Daisy Bud pendant, with our in-house Mother's Day card and a super sweet Rose Quartz heart, 'the stone of love'. 



2. Mother's Family Tree Necklace

The apple never falls far from the tree! Keep it in the family with this beautiful family tree branch with personalised "apples" - hand stamped with your family or your fur-baby family initials. The perfect way to keep loved ones near-by.



3. Crystal Kit for Mother's and Mothers To Be

A thoughtful gift for Mum and any new mum-to-be. Surround them with the loving and caring energy from these gorgeous tumble stone crystals. We've handpicked the most meaningful stones for mothers, new mums and mums to be including:

AMETHYST - a calming stone to reduce stress & aid relaxation

MOONSTONE - the ‘Woman’s Stone’, Moonstone helps to balance hormones & emotions

ROSE QUARTZ - the stone of ‘Unconditional Love’, this stone nurtures the bond between mother & baby

BLOODSTONE - heals and revitalizes the body.

Each Crystal kit will arrive in its own cotton bag, complete with details of each stone's metaphysical properties. Plus for an extra finishing touch, we can add a hand stamped brass star which can be personalised with any initial.



4. Kin: Personalised Celestial Charm & Lapis Lazuli Necklace

A twinkly, tiny reminder of your closest loves. Add her initial surrounded by her friends or family to create a necklace truly unique to her. Lapis is thought to be the stone of wisdom, which seems pretty apt for an actual superhuman. 
Customise your necklace with your choice of charms.

5. 'Under This Moon' Moonphase necklace

Her very own personalised moon phase necklace, where you can choose the date and we'll reproduce the moon at that time in necklace form. Births, Anniversaries or special events created as a keepsake. 


From personalised pieces to crystal charms, we hope you've had some food for thought. Good luck gifting! 

The Lucent Team 



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