Glorious Mother's Day & Caregivers Gifting

No matter who you are gifting to, your mother, grandparent or care giver... we want to create jewels that are thoughtful, memorable keepsakes for those who give up their time to look after others. 

Why give flowers, when they can wear them?

Our beautiful line of pressed flower pieces, BUD is a firm favourite and a gift givers dream, the sentiments behind each flower make them a piece with meaning. Choose from 'Lucky Heather' for those who follow the Scottish tradition, 'Wild Rose' to give the gift of simplicity, 'Lavender' the colour of royalty, fit for a Queen, or 'Blue Forget-Me-Nots' symbolising true love and a gift not to be forgotten. 


Include your ancestry.

Alternatively, involve all your relatives with the 'WE ARE FAMILY' Family Tree Necklace. The apple never falls far from the tree, so keep it in the family with this beautiful family tree branch with personalised "apples" hand stamped with your loved ones initials.


Wear it with pride.

From our Modern Heirloom range, Chanel their inner Lioness with LEO, the bronze courage pendant with a lot of heart. 


Give them good vibes.

On their own, or alongside another gift, our Crystal Kit for Mothers or Crystal Kit for Friendship will help set the tone for your day together. With Amethyst, Moonstone, Bloodstone and Rose Quartz, you'll be gifting some rejuvenating, healing energy!

Finally, finish your present off with a gorgeous greetings card created by some amazing independent designers including Oh Squirrel, Papio Press and Nikki Strange

Head over to our Mother's Day Gifting section of the website to see more perfect pretties for your favourite people.


All our love for Mother's Day, however you celebrate! 

Team EE 






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