Introducing CINDER!


A combination of subtle space themes and raw natural form, our all new CINDER collection brings beautiful earthy stones, with sharp metal lines, to strike the perfect balance of the elements. 

Firm favourites in the studio include:

Beautiful Linen Top by Phaedra Clothing

COMET: Inspired by Halley's Comet, we've created a perfect hexagonal cut pale agate stone with gold plated rods that represent those amazing dust trails that we all look for in the night sky. The movement created by this piece makes it a sure fire showstopper. 

Beautiful Blooms by Lovertron Design

FLINT: Our stone age inspired pendant acts as a reminder to the wearer of how far we have come. Originally a tool for survival, it's now an ornament of history carved from labradorite with flecks of shocking blue in the rich earthy brown tones. 

TEMPEST: Imagine the movement of waves crashing and strong rippling currents in jewellery form and our beautiful whirlpool of agate will fit the bill. Add a gold plated gild to the edge and you have a powerful statement necklace. 

As always, we are inspired by the world around us and CINDER makes no exception. We've been influenced by a diverse range of historical eras, heritage processes and technological advancements to create pieces linked to space research, farming tools and the winter frost to name a few. 

We hope you love the new collection as much as we do. We would love to hear your feedback as it really helps us to develop our future collections. So if you feel inspired, then please drop us a line at

All our love, 

Team EE 

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