Lucent BTS: Chloe's first month


My First Month at Lucent Studios

Starting a new job can be incredibly daunting. However at Lucent Studios, I was met with smiling faces and welcoming gestures (including being told about the special biscuit tin). I felt excited and enthusiastic about my first full time job after graduating from my Fashion Communication degree. I was in awe of the studio. It is bright, modern and full of plants. I think the fact we do pretty much everything in-house is so unique and is a testament to how hard Lucent Studios work. 

Chloe and Sam's accidental twinning.

My role of Studio Assistant includes packing and dispatching orders and looking after customer service enquiries. My main focus is packing and dispatch. Having a good eye for detail is definitely important in this role. I have to ensure the product is ready to wear and has correct personalisations. 

Chloe and Lian at the packing benches.

After the jewellery has been made or personalised, I do a quality check and make sure it is the best it can be. I package them up beautifully with tissue paper and a range of postcards including a jewellery care card. Some of the products have special backing cards that go inside the box and it adds a little personalisation to the gift. My favourite one has to be the Under This Moon necklace. You can choose a special date and we will find the moon phase of that particular day. It is such a sentimental gift and perfect for remembering a special day. 

When it comes to dispatching the orders, we use a service called Click and Drop. Thankfully I picked up on how to use the site very quickly and was soon able to dispatch a large amount of orders. 

Customer service is very important to us and we always want to make sure that the customer is happy throughout their order process. Me and Lian share the Studio Assistant role, I focus more on the packing and dispatching whereas Lian focuses on the customer service. We often end up doing a bit of each other's roles especially when we are really busy. We have even had a go at making some jewellery (just the basic ones though!).

Chloe modelling our Melissa bracelet with her honey bee tattoo.

The thing I absolutely love about this job, especially when packing orders, is writing gift messages. I like to think about the reaction the person is going to have when they open this package at the other end. Smiling after receiving a gift asking them to be a bridesmaid or getting watery eyed at the romantic gesture from their partner.

Thanks for reading my behind the scenes diary from my first month, keep an eye out for more blog posts by our other wonderful Lucent humans. X


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