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Meet Lucent Lian


For those of you who've joined our Lucent Studios creator community, you may have met our Lovely Lian, customer services supremo and part of the Community team. But for those of you who haven't, we've asked for her thoughts on our creator community and her top tips for your creator content and potential creator applications...


Meet Lian:


Here's what I love about our creator community:
I love being able to reach a wide variety of people, from all walks of life. Whether you have 100k followers or 100, if you're passionate about jewellery and have knack for creating genuine content for a small business, it really shows. The relationships we build with creators is like an extended work family!
What I look for in new applicants:
Your profiles don't have to be full of professional photos and model shots (we do LOVE those too of course!). We tend to look at your socials for...
1. Have you posted recently and do you post regularly? 
2. Do you have a following/engagement? No sweat if its a small following, We're all for sharing with family and friends. 
3. Do you have a passion for jewellery, science or nature?
4. Are you keen to shout about our jewels? 


My favourite recent posts about our pieces:
It could be a quick mirror selfie with your Harmonia necklace before brunch with the gang, a snap of your freshwater pearl earrings dangling over the ocean during your beach trip, a reel of that exciting moment you open your new pair of go to minimal Fresco Earrings, or it could even be some shout outs of our content. These are some great examples of just this -


@Klaras.plants takes amazing shots in a home lifestyle setting. 


We're loving seeing @piercedprincess92 out and about wearing her jewels.



@made_by_velvety_cleopatra takes a fab close up shot of her faves. 


@the_dreampacker curates a dreamy scene wearing our pieces. 


If you aren't already one of the gang, we'd love to meet you. You can find out more about our creator community over on our communities page, including all the benefits of early access for new collections and the odd freebie thrown into the mix. Tap below to apply. 



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