Lucent photographer Hannah's top jewellery tips!

 Our resident photographer Hannah has recently been turning the camera on herself for our social media channels and we're loving it! Not only is she a stone cold hottie, but she's also really clever at manipulating our jewels to show them off and make them look tip top. 

Wanna hear some of her top photography tips? 
(Yeah you do!)
What's the secret to a good jewellery based selfie?
Good natural light! 
Good lighting is a must and can be make or break for your snaps. Try taking your snaps by a window on a fairly bright day and witness the glow up! 
It's all about angles. 
Hold your camera or arrange your tripod so that the angle comes slight from above. It's the age old trick circa Myspace that will help elevate your angles. 
Catch the golden glow.
With good lighting comes twinkly jewels. By moving your jewels around while you take pics, you'll be more likely to catch a gorgeous glow or tremendous twinkle to make that pic pop!
Move around, we know it feels silly!
It may feel awks, but by moving around and taking multiple photos you'll be able to be a bit more creative with the negative space around you and create more interesting images. It'll take practice, but it's the beauty of having such amazing technology in the palm of your hands. 
Love them or not, the selfie usually comes hand in hand with social media. However, our Hannah also has some tips for those who might be a little bit more camera shy... 
Jewellery Focussed Photos:
Not everyone fancies having their face in photos, and that's A-OK. 
 Flat lay love!
Flat lays are an amazing way to show off your jewels clearly and can be an easy way to create interesting jewellery shots. Hannah uses props, from flowers to crystals to add interest to an image, but has one piece of advice... don't let it distract form the actual jewels! 
Change up the background.
Hannah loves to experiment with fabrics and chooses threads with some interest but not too much texture.  They can be bunched, draped and flattened to create a different look for each piece of jewellery. Just watch out for any rogue bits of fluff!
Hanging around. 
We love a hanging shot, not only because the light shines through some of our crystals perfectly, but also it's a lovely way to add movement to a photo. Simply find a plain background , grab your jewels and go!
Don't over think it!
Hannah has suggested taking lots of snaps so that you don't have to worry so much and overthink your photos. Try moving your hands to try out different  angles go with the flow. 
Thanks to the lovely Hannah for her pro photography tips. We'd absolutely love to know whether they've helped you pimp up your photos.
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