Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums of all Kinds

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Thoughtful gift sets and symbolic Jewellery to show your love on Mother’s day, no matter the Mother. 
It’s no question that Mother’s day is an important time of year. Of course we show them our love and gratitude in our day-to-day, but nothing truly says “Thank you so much for nurturing me into a compassionate, functioning human being” like a full day dedicated to recognising all that they’ve done, and continue to do, for us.
After all, being a mum is no mean feat. Whether it’s a continuous lack of sleep, worrying about your child's safety no matter their age, or actually giving birth, it takes a massive amount of patience, love and devotion to be a Mother. No amount of congratulations can ever really do these absolute superhumans justice.
Even if they’re not your biological mum, mothers can come into our lives from all sorts of places and create unique family dynamics that provide just as much love, guidance and compassion, and deserve just as much recognition.
So no matter the relation, if they helped make you into the person you are today, Mother’s Day is the time to let them know! So as usual we’ve picked a few of our most thoughtful jewellery pieces and snazziest gift sets you can give to treat the special maternal figure in your life and let them know exactly how much they mean to you.
Mother Like No Other Vintage Locket
Mother Like No Other Locket - £29
As well as a sentiment that celebrates how truly unique your relationship is, these genuine vintage lockets date from the 1950s and contain two spaces to store treasured memories of your favourite moments together. Whether you’ve got a special moment in mind to put inside for them (A great way to get the kids involved!) or you’d rather let them choose, this is a lovely way for them to keep you close to their heart.
Like A Mum Gold Plated Heart Earrings
Like A Mum Heart Earrings - £14
For those nurturing maternal figures who aren’t your mum but nevertheless shaped you into the caring and considerate person that you are today. Simple yet elegant gold plated heart earrings they can wear all year round, and a brilliant way to show your appreciation for those special people in your life that weren’t with you at the start but will be with you from now on.
A New Beginning - Mother of Pearl Flower Necklace
A New Beginning Pearl Lily Necklace - £27
The perfect gift for any new mum or mum to be; a beautiful Lily of the Valley flower, said to represent new life and motherhood, set on a shimmering mother of pearl makes for a charming symbolic gift. A ray of sunshine that is sure to put a smile on their face (before the upcoming sleepless nights and nappy changes, that is).
Mum I'd Pick You - Pearl Flower Necklace
Mum I’d Pick You Pearl Flower Necklace - £27
Now which mum wouldn’t want to hear this? A beautiful hand carved pearl flower on a sleek gold plated chain, presented on a card to let them know you’d pick them every time, no matter the circumstances. A gift and sentiment that they’re sure to treasure, and pairs up brilliantly with the flowers you’re also getting them ;)
You're So Lovely Heart Studs and Mini Print Gift
You're So Lovely Heart Studs and Mini Print Gift - £16
Looking for something with a little bit of extra pizazz? This little gift set is sure to do the trick; signature dainty gold heart earrings, a mini print for them to pop up in the home as a reminder, all gift wrapped and ready to be gifted on the day. If explicit emotional messages aren't quite you or your mum’s thing, this is a perfect way to still let your affection be known without bearing your soul.
Hopefully our little collection has given you an idea or two on how to let your gratitude show this Mother’s day. However you decide to treat your Mum, remember that no one knows your mum and what they like the way that you do, so as long as it comes from the heart then the love is sure to come through :)
 Happy Mother's Day Card - Pink
If you’re hoping to send any of our delightful gifts straight to their door, then don’t forget to add a greetings card! If your chosen gift doesn't have the option to add a card on its product page, our Mother's Day cards can be added to your basket individually here, then all you need to do is let us know what to hand write in the card for you!
Lastly, if none of the above options are quite what you’re looking for, we do of course have plenty of other delightful pieces you may wish to choose from. Why have a peek at our most recent Joy Edit or our Personalised Gifts category to get you started?
And of course, Happy Mother’s Day!
The Lucent Team X
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