Our week in Lucent...


Here's the lowdown on what we got up to this week. After the big launch of our crystalline collection, you'll notice we've been a little bit obsessed with all the new sparkles, so forgive us for the semi precious overload. 

Image of Our Agate Slice necklace with watercolour set juxtaposed with an image of the shoreline looking across a lake.

On Monday we took a deep dive into our new raw crystal collection Crystalline. Everyone in the office had a little scout at which pieces they loved and we popped each of them up on our Insta stories. Above you can see a picture of our beautiful Agate Slice necklace AURA, with the designs we initially made.

The stand out selection though, was Amber's choice of our new NOMAD necklace, with a beautiful honey coloured Citrine Slice mountain. It does get confusing at times, with Amber's name and the Amber stones we sell. Her sisters are named after gemstones too, so it's lucky they don't all work here otherwise we may have trouble! :)

background image of a field with blue skies and a positive review of our packaging in the foreground.

On Tuesday we shared some of the positive reviews we have received recently, which we absolutely love. This one in particular was so lovely because we've really put our heart and soul into our new packaging to make it feel extra special when you receive our pieces. Plus all of our packaging is environmentally friendly, using vegetable dyes and recyclable materials. Here's a link to our sustainability policy and practices if you'd like to see more! We've popped a little link in our highlights on Insta if you'd like to see more. 

On Wednesday we shared a Reel which shows Emma drawing out a design for our new piece KALON from the Crystalline raw crystal jewellery collection. This labradorite beauty originally started as a hexagonal faceted stone, until we added extra geometric detail. It's a beautiful stone with flashes of blue and green that you will notice in the reel. You can see the design from paper to production over on our insta account. 

How amazing has the weather been? We've been soaking up the sunshine is our back garden at the studio and saw the opportunity to take some snaps in the beautiful dappled light by the trees, so we created a little sunshine feature including our new Crystalline raw crystal compadre, ASTRA. This bangle features a sweet sunstone and celestial design. We're big on bangles for summer so we absolutely love this newbie with sunstone crystal set in. 

On Friday we went for a space theme and featured a couple of recent stories, one from SpaceX who have launched a rocket up to the International Space Station with some new supplies. We asked you all which supplies you couldn't live without, and we had some amazing suggestions! We also observed the new shimmering cloud formations on Mars and likened them to our necklaces TAKE CHARGE and LIKE LIGHTNING. Take Charge is the druzy beauty cut in a cloud formation with clear quartz lightning bolt, a shimmery crystal beauty. 

Thanks for reading about our pieces, from the new raw crystal jewellery, to our cosmos collection. We'll see you next week for our Week in Lucent feature. x




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