The EE X Science Museum Collection!!! (pinch me)


We are so very excited to announce our new EE X Science Museum Collection which has been designed exclusively with The Science Museum in London.



Where better to showcase our cosmic wares than in the brand new Science Museum Shop. Nestled alongside solar inspired prints and periodic table wares, you'll find the jewellery section with a 10 piece collection that's been months in the making. 



Initially approached last year, Founder Lucy and Lead Designer Sarah worked with the Science Museum team to create a range of pieces including necklaces, earrings and a brooch which reflect the current collections at the museum in jewellery form.



To purchase some of these limited edition beauties, complete with their own EE X Science Museum Special Edition box, you can head over to the gift shop at The Science Museum, South Kensington, London.



Alternatively, our collection will be appearing in their online shop very soon.



Luxe Goldstone Rings, Druzy Orbs and Crystal Moon phases are just the tip of the iceberg in this special collection, so take a look for yourselves. For more cosmic inspo you can also check our out recent COSMOS Collection for pieces that are out of this world.



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