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For those out there who aren’t trying to find the perfect perfume or researching romantic recipes for that special dinner, Valentines can be a tough time of year.
Maybe watching all those thriving relationships wherever you go has got you thinking about all the "could be’s" and missed opportunities? Or perhaps the declarations of love being shouted from the rooftops and shameless PDA just gives you the ick?
Whether you’re waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike or ducking for cover, or even if you’re in a perfectly happy relationship: self-love is, and always should be, priority number one.
Celebrating your strengths, accepting your flaws and putting your own needs first will boost your confidence in all areas of life, and is the key to a happy existence. And who doesn’t want that?
So whilst we can’t magic away the vindictive voice of doubt inside your head (as much as we wish we could), we can get you started on your journey to self-love with a few of our favourite pieces plucked from our latest Love Edit. Pendants, gemstones and sparkles to help you express your truest self, along with the necessary mantras and affirmations to remind you of your worth. Retail therapy can be very effective in moderation, so go ahead and treat yourself!
United: Hair Slide
1. United: Triple Heart Hair Slide - £12
The perfect little something for those looking to scratch that ‘treat yourself’ itch, express your self-acceptance with this vibrant heart hair clip. Whether you take time to beautify your barnet every morning or you tend to just let it do its thing, style it out with a symbolic declaration to love yourself always, even on your bad-hair days.
Avane Perfume Necklace
2. Avane Gemstone Perfume Bottle Necklace - £36
Planning on bagging a bottle of your favourite fragrance in the Valentine’s sales? Why not pair it up with one of our beautiful perfume necklaces and take a small sample with you to freshen up with wherever you go. Available in four variations of gemstone, each of which are thought to encourage behaviours synonymous with self-love. Stylish and Practical...
You're One of a Kind Name Bracelet
3. You're One Of A Kind Personalised Name Cord Bracelet - £15
Honouring your individuality is perhaps the most important part of self love, so celebrate the one and only you with this personalised name bracelet! The perfect reminder of your originality, paired with the ultimate self-loving affirmation to assure you of who you are and how far you’ve come. 
Self Love Crystal Kit
4. Self Love Crystal Kit - £16
This one speaks for itself really doesn't it? A selection of gemstones whose properties sum up everything self-love stands for so you can surround yourself with positive vibes, encourage mental clarity, and practice unconditional love. Even if you’re a non-believer when it comes to the power of gemstones, the symbolism alone will be enough to get you in the right headspace ;)
You Are Magic Earrings
5. You Are Magic Gold Plated Shooting Star Earrings - £18
Charming but subtle shooting star earrings with just the right amount of *sparkle* to go with any outfit, with a sentiment that celebrates your uniqueness and empowers you to live your most authentic self. Brilliant as a little ‘just because’ gift (for yourself, of course) what’s not to like?
Hopefully our little round-up has inspired you to love and accept yourself a little bit more, and given you a few ideas on how to treat yourself this Valentine's day. (Go on, you know you deserve it…)
And as an extra top tip: Feel free to stick your backing cards up on the wall or prop them up on desks to keep them easily visible throughout your day-to-day and really hammer those affirmations home!
Lucent Studios Love Edit 2023
Of course this list is non-exhaustive, so if you're still curious as to how else you can treat yourself, you can check out the full Valentine's Love Edit here.
Happy Valentine's!
Team Lucent X

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