This week at Lucent Studios...

We hope you all have had a lovely week, incase you missed anything from us, here is a little look back at the week we had at Lucent Studios!

On Monday... You had a chat with Lucent Hannah and she answered some of your questions and we introduced you to our REVERIE earrings that our now available in SILVER! 

Tuesday we had a little game of 'This or That' and we found out a bit more about the kinds of things you guys like to see...

The winning NOMAD crystal was Amethyst (the OG Nomad piece) so that was an interesting insight for us!

We also gave you a little summer edit...

BUT THEN... It rained.

So on Wednesday we were inspired by some of your orders including The Let Hope Bloom Gardener's Letterbox gift! Which made us realise sometimes you've gotta be grateful for some rainfall because our gardens were getting pretty thirsty...

On Thursday...We showed a lot of love for the amazing Amazonite gemstone including our newest addition to the family, our RATIO earrings from the Crystalline Collection. 

Take a look at our reels to see Emma's painting and designing!

On Friday we had a bit of a bee appreciation day and you helped Hannah style her buzzing bee jewels! 

And we gave you an insight into the story behind The Lucent Locket. See the grid post to find out what it represents and what it really means to us. 

And YESTERDAY we gathered some celestial SILVER stunners, (because we know there's lot of you out there who are a sucker for some silver.) 

All found in our COSMOS collection.

We hope you've all had a lovely week, despite the rollercoaster weather, you've certainly given us some inspiration!

See you next week!



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