This Week at Lucent Studios...



We've had another pretty busy week at the studio, here's what we've been up to:


On Monday Saturn was in Opposition, meaning that Saturn's Northern hemisphere was slanted towards Earth enough for us to get a good view from Earth. To celebrate the celestial event we've brought out a new cosmic necklace called RINGS AROUND YOU, a textured asymmetric Saturn necklace, perfect for your planetary pals! 


On Tuesday, we created a super sweet painty Reel which shows off the lilac loveliness of our Amethyst pendant SERENE. Known to be a stone of calm and clarity, the beautiful violet layers give us dreamy landscape vibes and remind us of the perfectly calm part of the day as the sun sets. 


Wednesday was another busy day, with Hannah and Emma creating a Reel for our classic Pearl collection. We used oyster shells, illustrations and Instagram to create a fun little vid, check it out and take a little look at the gold plate and 14k gold fill pearlescent beauties we have available. 


Thursday was the launch of our new sustainable Vinyl beads. Crafted by community groups in Ghana, they are pressed into small wearable beads from old vinyl records. We love them as a super sweet way to wear more colour, but also because they are sustainable and support women in small businesses in Ghana. 


Finally our Friday was the launch of our big SUMMER SALE! So grab a slice of sunshine for a pretty price here! 


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