This week in the studio...


Welcome to another instalment of our week at Lucent Studios. 

It's been another jam packed week and we've been riding high on the reception our new Crystalline Collection had from everyone. Thank you all so much! 


To start off Monday, we had a little look at what inspired the new collection, including some gorgeous shots from Lucy of the Lake District, and Loughrigg Fell in particular. this beautiful nook is where Lucy's husband proposed to her, so it's always been special, but with it's rolling hills, rocky walks and beautiful sunsets, it also inspired her designs for the new collection. Here are a couple of our images that show how the new pieces in crystalline link to the colours and shapes of Loughrigg, and you can see some of the design work in our recent Reels on Insta!

Tuesday Was Best Friends Day in the USA, which coincided with our launch of the new BFF necklace. It's a cute little set with two halves for you and your best bud which you can personalise with names or words to make them extra special. We also ran a cute competition to win one of these sweet sets! 

On Wednesday we went Dalmation mad, with TAMBO and HARMONIA, our geometric shaped pieces set with Dalmation Jasper stones. This subtle stone is the perfect positivity present as it represents connections, promotes a playful nature and is said to bring joy to the wearer. 



On Thursday we all watched the Solar Eclipse on NASA's live feed, it was pretty special and we picked a mini edit of our sunniest bronze, sterling silver and 14k gold sunshine themed pieces from our precious metals collection to celebrate! 



Aaaaaand finally, on Friday we took a deep dive into the cavernous layers of Amethyst to celebrate the lavender wonder, and our new design SERENE. We also learnt that Amethyst was used as an Ancient Greek hangover cure, to ward of drunkeness, which is why you see goblets and glasses made from the crystal! 

All in all, it was a good week, with the Lucent fam. We'll see you again soon - Enjoy your weekends! x 

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