We've launched CRYSTALLINE!

We're thrilled to launch our newest crystal collection, 18th months in the making. We've devised this beautiful ode to nature from Lucy's inspirational trip to the Lake District, where she fell in love with the colours and textures she witnessed around her. 

Inspired by the warmth of the sun & the cool light of the moon; the wilderness of the mountain tops, the breeze over the meadows and the turning of the Spring tide.

Crystalline is a collection that echoes the landscapes that shape our own worlds. Perfectly imperfect rough hewn gems mix with gentle lines and textures to create a collection that embraces the serenity of the stillness and the intensity of the wild.

For background info - Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) wrote Into The Wild which was about his decision to give up everything he owned to go live in the wilds of Alaska (you my have seen the film that came out a few years ago?). He sadly died of starvation because he couldn't get 'home' before the rivers became impassable but the book is wonderful and is based on his own journal that was found with him months after he died. The last words he wrote that was that he had a happy life, and that's all you can ask for really.

“There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” 
― Christopher McCandless

Our designs feature gilded suns based on the beautiful citrine sunsets, raw crystals which represent the Rocky Mountains, along with a whole host of beautiful semi precious stones and crystals. We've even begun to branch out into new stones including two new favourites, the lilac hues of Kunzite, and the beautiful mossy greens of Prehnite.  

Head on over to the Crystalline collection to see the full range, and see our Instagram for more info into how we designed the collection. 


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