Our sister Jummai - Women for Women International

September may be the month that many of us in the UK start new projects, be that beginning a new chapter at University, or packing your children off to a new school.

For our sister Jummai, who we sponsored through Women for Women International's training programme, it's graduation time, having completed a 12 month programme designed to support and raise up women in areas of conflict. 


Graduates celebrating in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Photo Credit: Ryan Carter


We are proud that our sister Jummai in Nigeria is going to be graduating, and with that she has gained skills, friendships and found a voice within her community to help become a change maker. 


 Rwandan Graduation Certificate - Photo Credit: Hazel Thompson


Here is a video of one of the recent graduation ceremonies in Nigeria celebrating the achievements of resilient, courageous and resourceful women in the face of adversity. 


Nigerian Graduation Day - Photo Credit: Kassim Braimah


 For more information on how you could make a difference in the lives of women in areas affected by conflict, please take a look at the Women for Women International Blog to get a feel for the amazing work they do. If you are unable to sponsor a sister but want to contribute, then proceeds from our Women for Women International inspired SISTERHOOD necklace go directly to the charity.



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