World Bee Day!

It's World Bee Day and we've been learning a little about how to cultivate bee friendly flora in our outside spaces. 

Our plant master Michelle gave us a little advice on what types of flowers to plant to attract more bees. She said perennial plants including Nasturtium, Lavender and Borage are all very bee friendly flowers to pop in pots and beds. You can find some of these babes available in our Piccolo seed selection if you'd like to create your very own insect sanctuary. 

A couple of us in the studio took part in #NoMowMay where we didn't tend to our gardens and yards to create a more natural habitat and encourage more mini beasts to the area. organised this campaign in response to the declining insect population in recent years. 

To do our bit, we're donating 10% of all our bee related sales to a local Social Enterprise called Bee Saviour Behaviour, a not-for-profit campaign to support our bee friends with clever ideas like their kick-starter funded Bee Saviour cards. 

Finally we created a mini edit from our Natural World collection in homage to our favourite inspiration, Plant Life! From pressed petals, to leaf structures, we've got all an avid gardener should need in their jewellery box. 

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