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Lucent Studios

Limited Edition No. 13 - Natural Citrine and Brass Honeycomb Necklace

£26.00 GBP

Limited edition of 16

You won't bee-lieve how sweet this necklace is!

A petit brass bee flutters across a honeycomb charm, finished with a semi circular citrine gemstone at the bottom. All suspended from a gold plated, fine trace chain. 

CRYSTAL MEANING: Citrine is said to be the 'positivity stone', Citrine is like a ray of sunshine, radiating all the happy feels.

This gemstone is natural Citrine - so it will vary in colour a little.

Stunning 1cm Citrine gems suspended from a Honeycomb pattern with sweet bee charm creating a 2 inch drop, all suspended from an 18 inch gold plated satellite chain.