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Demeter Gemstone Adjustable Ring

£18.00 GBP

Sweet and petite, these simple faceted gemstone rings are the perfect 'fit finisher. 

Wear solo for a minimalist look or perfect for stacking with other rings depending on your mood.

Choose your stone!

Citrine (yellow): Said to be the 'positivity stone', it's like a wearable ray of sunshine.
Jade (green) : brings clarity of thought to facilitate good decision making.
Rose Quartz (pink): A stone of love, said to encourage compassion for yourself and others. 
Amethyst (purple) : Known to bring relaxing vibes, this is a stone to carry when you need some calm.
Aquamarine (blue) :
This pale blue gem is thought to be the stone of bravery and courage.


Gold plated adjustable ring will adjust to fit most ring sizes. Gemstone measures approximately 0.5" long. 

Demeter is a delicate ring and won't withstand regular adjusting. We'd suggest that once you receive your ring, you adjust it for your finger once and then slide the ring off and on when it's to be worn. Your ring will arrive with care instructions so you best know how to keep it in tip top condition!