Environmental Policy

A love of wild places and the call of the outdoors means we're passionate about reducing our waste and behaving in a way that is as environmentally responsible as possible.


We're not in the business of fast. Our collections are considered and designed to be timeless. When a line is eventually retired from our catalogue, we sell through until the very last one is sold. It's rare we have surplus stock, but on these occasions, the jewellery is distributed to charities, or the components are reused in new designs. Pieces that are not included in our main collection are sold through our annual sample sales. Not a single piece of jewellery ever goes to waste.


We're overjoyed to say that our offices, dispatch office, making studio and in-house making processes are entirely free from single use plastic - not only that, but we are also a zero waste company
We have in-house recycling processes and minimise the use of resources where we can; we're proud to work with Terracycle so any waste that cannot be recycled through traditional waste streams is sent to Terracycle for recycling, or composting should recycling not be possible. Any scrap precious metal is melted down for reuse. Not a single item goes to waste or landfill.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our recycled packaging which is both simple and beautiful: each order is presented in a Lucent Studios gift box, crafted from fully recycled materials. Our printed materials are made from recycled cards using environmentally friendly inks. Furthermore, all our dispatch and packing materials are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable. 

We believe our impact on our environment should be as minimal as possible.