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Affirmation 'Today I Will Not Stress' Mindfulness Bangle

£24.00 GBP

There is power in words: keep your affirmations close.

A beautiful way to affirm this special mantra, we have stamped these bracelets with 'Today I Will Not Stress Over Things I Cannot Control'.

And don't we all need that little reminder right now?


Hand hammered aluminium or brass measures 15cm long, 0.6cm wide and will fit most wrist sizes.

These are brass or aluminium bangles and won't withstand regular adjusting. We'd suggest that once you receive your bracelet, you adjust it for your wrist size, leaving the gap just big enough to slide onto the smallest part of the wrist without any or much adjustment needed. The bracelet should fit like a bangle and as such, sit fairly loose as shown in the photos.

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