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Arbor Long Tree Agate Necklace

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'The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground' - Unknown.

When the going gets tough, carry yourself off to meandering walks in vast forests with Arbor, our Tree Agate pendant; perfect for reconnecting with the great outdoors.

Tree Agate is said to be a stone of abundance and good luck, bringing you closer to nature with its peaceful, soothing vibes. Ideal as a protective talisman, this is one to keep close.

A great necklace for layering with other jewels, a Tree Agate pendant hangs beneath rows of chevrons on a long gold plated chain. Pair with a plain shirt, a linen dress, a chunky knit... it's a statement necklace that's going to elevate any outfit. Dipped in gold, these Tree Agate pendants are just beautiful.


A 15mm round Tree Agate pendant hangs from a small gold plated triangle and row of chevrons. Suspended on a bail from a 24" gold plated chain.