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Artemis Moonstone Moon Ring

£19.00 GBP

Symbolised by the crescent Moon, Artemis is the Greek goddess of the wilderness - and all wild women are connected to the mysteries of the Moon.

Finished with a Moonstone gem, Moonstone is said to harness the feminine energy of the Moon, bringing a sense of calm, instilling peace and balance in your daily life. Each Moonstone gem is entirely unique and will vary in shade from pure white to slight flashes of blue.

Gold or antique silver plated hammered adjustable ring. The crescent moon measures 1.5cm. This will adjust to fit most ring sizes.

These are adjustable rings but are not designed to withstand regular adjusting as this will weaken the metal over time. We'd suggest that once you receive your ring, you adjust it for your finger size, leaving the gap just big enough to slide over your knuckles without any or much adjustment needed.

Will arrive presented in a Lucent Studios gift box so it's all ready for gift giving.

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