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Cove Amethyst Asymmetric Necklace

£29.00 GBP

How will you wear yours?

Simple and minimalist Amethyst chunky chain necklace. Wear it asymmetrically for drama or centralise your pendant if you want to layer it with other chains. 

AMETHYST - believed to bring clarity to the mind of the wearer, encouraging calmness, inner peace and natural intuition.


Gold or silver plated chunky chain and pendant; the chain measures 20" in total (including pendant) and can be worn asymmetrically or centrally. 

Each Amethyst is entirely unique and no two are the same; the stone will vary in shade from pale lilac to deep purple and may contain areas of strata, as shown on the silver pendant, or more clear Amethyst as shown on the gold necklace.


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