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Give Me A Ring Sometime - Saturn System Gemstone Necklace

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There's something about Saturn.

With its intricate ring system and entourage of orbiting moons. Saturn now reigns as the solar system’s “moon king,” thanks to 20 newfound moons, that were discovered in 2019. That brings the ringed planet’s total known satellites to 82, knocking Jupiter with 79 moons, off the throne!

Saturn is one of the stars of the solar system (we're talking figuratively. It's not literally a star). We've taken the Big 7 of these orbiters: from the closest to Saturn, Mimas through to the Iapetus, orbiting at a distance of 3.5 million km.

Mimas, the smallest of the major moons: Blue Lace Agate
Enceladus, the moon most likely to harbour life: Rose Quartz
Tethys, composed almost entirely of water-ice: White Jade
Dione, the fourth largest satellite of Saturn: White Jade
Rhea, found to have an Oxygen atmosphere by Cassini in 2010: Rose Quartz
Titan, the largest of the Saturn satellites: Tiger Eye
Iapetus, with its two sides: Amber

Fun Fact! Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons (and the second largest moon in the solar system), makes up 96% of the mass orbiting the planet.


Lined up in a orbital-formation, these gemstone moons are finished with a brass Saturn and a solo shining star. Suspended from a brass chain, the overall length measures 18" long.