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Lucent Studios

Grey Marble Elephant Tealight Holder

£12.00 GBP

A beautiful grey marble elephant makes a wonderful addition to the home. We're also partial to using these as succulent planters. It's said if you pop an elephant in your room with the trunk facing towards the door, it will bring you luck.

The perfect birthday or new home present, just make sure you pick up one for yourself too.

MARBLE - thought to be a grounding stone. It is the idea of security, strength and stability to enhance the powers of serenity, which makes it a soothing meditation stone.

Sorry, this item cannot be shipped anywhere outside of the UK.


Each marble stone is entirely unique and will measure approximately 7cm wide by 6.5cm tall.
There is space inside for a tealight or plant (not included).
Price is for one tealight holder.