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Lucent Studios

Limited Edition No. 8 - Quartz Double Strand Necklace

£26.00 GBP

Limited edition of 10

A beautiful blue dyed quartz point is suspended from a gold plated paper clip chain, and layered with a gold plated mariner chain for maximum impact. With both necklaces attached to one clasp, this beauty will never tangle. Genius! 

Each Quartz point unique, and is rough hewn.  They will vary in shape from that pictured. 

Crystal Meaning -Quartz is said to help you stay focused on the task at hand, and encourage clarity of mind.


Gold plated 16inch Mariner chain, chunky gold plated 18inch paper clip chain. Both chains linked to one clasp at the back. The rough cut Quartz point will vary in size between 1-1.5" in length.