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Miniature Meteorite Box

£3.50 GBP
A little box of treasure - from out of this world.

Own your own little meteorite samples! These teeny tiny fragments are super small pieces of shooting stars, otherwise known as meteorites, that have fallen to Earth. You are literally holding pieces of the cosmos in your hands!

Held within a clear box, the sample can be seen clearly through the magnifying glass on the top. (Although you can open the box if you want to touch space!)

Due to the tiny nature of these fragments, it's not possible to say exactly which meteorites the pieces are from originally.

Box measures 25mm x 25mm x 22mm. Contains mixed sample of tiny meteorite fragments. Picture shows average example of the number of fragments you can expect.

UK - £3.50
UK Next Day Delivery - £6.50

International - £4.95
International Priority Tracked Delivery - £15.00

Netherlands & South America - £10.95