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Mystery Box of Homewares for £15

£15.00 GBP £30.00 GBP

Sorry, these boxes cannot be shipped outside the UK.

For those that like to live life on the wild side, prepare to be surprised- and hopefully delighted! 

We promise to package up a box full of our homeware & gifts delights, and give you a honking great discount. 

There could be planters, notebooks, greetings cards, prints, crystals... the list goes on! The images show just some of the products that will be in the boxes so your box may contain some of these! 

The RRP for these items will be in excess of £30, so you are guaranteed a minimum saving of 50%. 

You can buy as many of these as you like, though we can't promise you won't get repeats of the same items. These boxes have been packaged up, and they are truly a lucky dip! 

“Can I return the boxes if I am disappointed?"

If you need to ask that question, then these boxes are probably not for you. We know this is a mystery box and you are buying items ‘unseen’, however you are receiving them at a very reduced price. The box being a surprise is half the fun but there may be some items in a box that might not be your cup of tea. Please be aware that as you are ordering a mystery box, we are unable to refund you for the box or part of a box if you simply do not like the items. A full refund will be made for anything that is faulty or has been broken in the shipping process. Any more questions, please just pop us an email before buying.