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Smells Like Spells

Smells Like Spells Incense

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Smells Like Spells production is a harmonized combination of natural fibre, ecology and a drop of esoteric know how. Each product is hand made, following original recipes, synchronised of both traditional folk wisdom and modern perfumery.

Choose from 3 different incenses and rituals...

BRAGI - Sandalwood. Bragi, the god of creativity, will help you reveal your creative powers, develop your intuition and awaken talents and skills.

NORNS - Nag Champa. In Norse mythology norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. This incense will inspire confidence, direction and positivity.

EIR - Juniper, Myrrh and Ambergris. The goddess of health, Eir will inspire you to take charge of your health and wellbeing with a healing ritual.

This hand-made natural herbal incense:

  • Is made only of natural plants and herbs;
  • Contains no charcoal, usually used to induce burning;
  • Contains no wooden heart that would emit toxic compounds while burning;
  • Contains no artificial glue that would emit toxic compounds while burning.

Together with these herbal incense sticks you will get:

A detailed description of the incense purpose;

A simple magical ritual.

Package contents: 5 sticks

Burning duration of a stick: ~ 30 - 40 min.

(The burning duration might differ depending on temperature, humidity and changes in the atmosphere).

This incense has no wooden stick, so we recommend that you fill a small jar with a non-combustible material (such as salt or sand) that can hold the incense stick whilst it burns.

Sorry, we cannot ship this product outside the UK.