A big thank you to all our customers

Hi everyone, it's Lucy here, Lucent's founder.

It's with an incredibly heavy heart that Lucent Studios comes to a close today, September 20th 2023. Thank you to all our wonderfully loyal customers, our brilliant suppliers and the brands and creators we have collabed with. You have been an absolute joy.

The biggest thank you goes to the Lucent team. Oh my goodness, you are such a team. You are all beautiful, talented and special people and every day working with you all is a gift. You are what makes Lucent, Lucent. The joy, love and passion that I've seen you all put into your days here truly shines through everything we do as a team. 

The world has changed so much and it's an incredibly tough time for small businesses. The cost of living crisis combined with a huge rise in our overheads and material costs, the effects of Brexit, the famous Insta algorithm... there are so many factors that have led us to this point and the decision to close was an incredibly difficult decision to come to. Our amazing customers have kept us going this far and we appreciate you all so much. Every order has meant the world and you have kept our world spinning through difficult times. Thank you.

For now, please support small businesses. This Christmas, buy local and buy small wherever you can. Interact with them on socials. Please keep that independent spirit alive, the world needs it. 

With so much love, Lucy