Necklace Layering

Layering necklaces is a trend that is here to stay. If your new to the layering game, our team have come up with some top tips to help you.

Read on to see where you need to begin.

What is necklace layering?

There are many ways to create the layered look but the essence of it involves wearing multiple chains of various lengths to achieve a tiered effect.

You may use the same style but in varying lengths, or layer all your statement pieces all together at once.

There are no rules!

Stagger up

When selecting your necklaces we think three is a good place to start. Chose the smallest length first and work your way up, keeping a 2 inch distance between each. If you need extra length you can purchase necklace extenders.


You might have that chunky or kitsch pendant that you want to showcase. Layering so that this remains at the center of your three will make that piece
really stand out.

Sometimes less is more

Use your thinnest, more delicate favourites if you prefer a more subtle minimalistic look. Layering just two necklaces starting with the thinnest will achieve a chic and elegant style.


A clever way to achieve a more staggered look and avoid the dreaded necklace tangle is to place chunkier necklaces over thinner ones.

Paired with a white t shirt this adds dimension to your neckline
and interest to an otherwise quite simple outfit.

Have fun!

Last but by no means least, have fun.

Try not to overthink it and go with what your mood is that day.

Lucent is all about embracing your curious heart using our
jewellery to represent your dreams.