Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is the placement of various rings, over any chosen fingers to create a fun, individual, creative and unique style.

Using a mix of colours, stones, textures and sizes to really showcase your personality.

Our team have worked together to come up with this useful guide. They have provided the best tips to achieve the ultimate stack look.

Tip 1 - Have Fun

Jewelry is all about exploring who you are and what you enjoy wearing, not following the trends and just expressing yourself. Use your fun and favorite pieces to create the ultimate ring stack.

Tip 2 - Mix It up

Select a mix of metals. Often you can use a range of metals to give a contrast and change of texture. We have a selection of gold and silver plated rings to achieve this. As well as gold and silver, you can also use our beautiful gemstones to show off their natural beauty against the simpler metals. Stack alternate colours on top of one another or opt for a
similar colour palette depending on your mood.

Tip 3 - Colour is key

Throw in some colour. Keep interest as you mix colours and textures. Try matching them to your outfit or completely mix it up and create bold contrast with opposites. Pairing gold jewellery with black and white clothing can really make them pop!

Tip 4 - Keep it Simple

Less is more sometimes. Depending on your mood
you can create a more elegant and soft look. Use thinner bands and dainty designs to soften up your style.  Pop one ring on each finger and you will create a very elegant look. Simplicity doesn’t have to be
basic remember!