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  • Lucent Lian's Fave Creator Content...

    Jun 16 2022

             For those of you who've joined our Lucent Studios creator community, you may have met our Lovely Lian, customer services supre...

  • Lucent photographer Hannah's top jewellery tips!

    May 11 2022

           Our resident photographer Hannah has recently been turning the camera on herself for our social media channels and we're loving...

  • Our Creator Community.

    Apr 27 2022

        Would you be interested in joining our little community of creators spreading the Lucent love far and wide?       (@klaras.plant...

  • Gift ideas for all those who mum!

    Mar 09 2022

      Wanna buy a gift for the resilient, thoughtful superhuman who's always got your back? We've popped together a sweet Mother's Day gift...

  • Become part of the gang - We Are Lucent Ambassadors!

    Feb 22 2022

      Interested? Do you already one a piece of Lucent Studios Jewellery and wanna shout about it? Or would you be interested in exclusive di...