African Bead Bracelet

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Bracelet Length: 6.5 inch

Colourful beads from Africa hand finished with a delicate gold plated personalised disc adding a touch of individuality. Perfect for wearing solo or piling high!

Every single bead is handpicked from Africa which makes each bracelet totally unique! Our beads, each carrying its own story, blend seamlessly with modern design elements, creating a bracelet that exudes cultural richness.

Our bracelet boasts a lively array of colours and delicately positioned gold segments. However, it's the addition of a delicately positioned gold disc that truly sets this accessory apart. Our personalisation is simple yet impactful. Choose a letter that holds significance to you, transforming the bracelet into a unique expression of your identity, with its subtle gleam, becomes a focal point, catching the light and drawing attention to the personalised touch.

What makes this bracelet truly special is our handmade gold disc. This disc, thoughtfully suspended from the bracelet, can be customised with a single letter. Whether it's your initial, a loved one's name, or a meaningful symbol, the gold disc adds a touch of individuality and sentiment to the piece.

*Please note, these are delicate beaded pieces that are suited for occasion wear; please do not wear in the shower or sleep in your jewellery.

Can be personalised with an initial.

made from

Gold plated chain and personalised disc.


Bracelet measures 6.5" with a 2" (5cm) extension chain.