Forever Friends Crystal Kit

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Delve into the essence of friendship with our Forever Friends Crystal Kit, the perfect gift for your bestie.

Selected with friendship in mind, our crystal set features a diverse range of hand-picked crystals, each carrying its unique energy to complement and uplift your shared experiences. These beautiful gemstones have been chosen to evoke qualities of trust, understanding, and companionship, ensuring you and your bestie’s bond goes from strength to strength.

AMAZONITE - aids clear communication whilst radiating a loving energy

RAINBOW MOONSTONE - encourages self expression & calm vibes

ROSE QUARTZ - the love stone, it supports harmony and friendship

Whether exchanged between cherished friends or given as a token of appreciation, our crystal kit makes the perfect gift.

made from

Amazonite, Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz Gemstones


Each crystal is entirely unique and will measure approximately 10mm to 30mm each. These are natural gemstones so please expect variations in the colours, tones and shapes from those pictured.

The health and wellness benefits described are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, please consult a healthcare professional for advice.