Mother's Day Wellbeing Incense And Crystal Gift

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Our mindfulness moment set for Mother's contains incense, candle and a crystal kit: everything they need to take a deep breath and slow down.

A beautifully presented treat box to pamper and rejuvenate your mum this Mother’s Day. This thoughtful gift includes an affirmation card, a mini incense tin, a taper candle, a set of handpicked gemstones and a Mother's Day greeting card. All packed and ready to be sent directly to your Mum.

Each crystal in our collection is handpicked to offer a unique experience, from fostering inner peace to enhancing clarity of mind.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: renowned for its iridescent sheen and reminiscent of the moon's glow. Its properties include emotional healing, intuition enhancement, and feminine energy.

AMETHYST: a purple gemstone renowned for its spiritual properties. It offers protection, enhances intuition, and promotes relaxation. Believed to aid in mental clarity and physical healing,

ROSE QUARTZ: a gentle pink hue is associated with unconditional love, emotional healing, and heart chakra activation.

Our luxurious gift set is a heartfelt way to express your love and appreciation for all she does. Give Mum the gift of relaxation and tranquillity this Mother's Day, and let her know she deserves nothing but the best.

Your incense tin will include frankincense - Mindfulness - Warm & woody with sweet undertones.

You will receive one of six coloured candles handpicked by our team, options as followed: pink marble, peach marble, sunset marble, purple gradient, blue / orange gradient or pink/yellow gradient.

Crystals will be packed in either a lilac or navy velvet bag.

made from

Natural gemstone. Incense is handrolled and made from 100% natural ingredients (natural resins and essential oils). Candles are made from vegetable stearin which diverts vegetable waste from landfill. White candles have been hand dipped in natural dyes to create an ombre effectt. Candles are unfragranced. The use of incense during pregnancy is not recommended.

These are natural gemstones so please expect variations in the colours, tones and shapes from those pictured.


Each crystal is entirely unique and will measure approximately 10mm to 20mm each. The health and wellness benefits described are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, please consult a healthcare professional for advice